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San Jose Raccoons

How to keep raccoon away from your house?
California raccoons are the uninvited or unwanted guest of our property. They entered in our property, create problem with our useable things. They unled the garbage bins, dig soil and unmanaged chairs. Raccoons use our court yards as toilets, porches as dining rooms, attics as den and garden as kitchen. They dig grass to eat insects; they destroy all garbage tins to have their food, they poop in our court yard and use attics for safer place to bring up their babies. Property
  • Property consist all of the area belong to a person legally.
  • Property is the covered area separate one boundary to another.
  • Property includes courtyard, backyard, rooms, porch, attic, chimney, garden and front rooms.

How do California raccoons enter the property?
Raccoons are the brave, intelligent, fast, thief natured, misbehaved and best climber. They entered in the property through fences, climb through walls, and come inside through small holes and directly from open ducts and door. How to keep raccoons away from our property?
  • It is not an easy task to keep away raccoons from our property but some of the following tricks can keep them away.
  • First inspect your whole property is there any possible entrance for raccoons.
  • Play loud music on the entrance gate loud noise scared the animals such as raccoons.
  • Bright and fast light like beam frightened raccoons
  • Seal up the entire tiny hole seen in the walls of entrance.
  • Make sharp claws on fences to keep them away from your property.
  • Try to keep one way door for entrance. If they enter in the property you can easily push them back.
  • Raccoon come inside the property through attic and chimney. The best way to away them is to cover the chimney with tight cover.
  • Keep in mind that raccoons fond of food. Try not to lo leave a single crumb on garden table.
  • Cover garbage tins tight or with heavy caps.
  • Another well-done solution is to keep raccoon away from the property is to spray the bad smelling scent such as ammonia, chili boiled water, eviction fluid or predator urine.
  • Raccoon love to eat insects to keep them away keep your garden insect free. Use insect repellants.
Above ideas somewhat work but while using these tricks please beware not to:
  • Hurt an animal.
  • Don’t separate babies to mother.
  • Separation causes even death.
  • Do not fight with animal it can be dangerous for you too.
  • Please take expert advice to remove them from your property if you feel they hurt you or you hurt them.

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