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Saratoga Wildlife Control

We provide professional wildlife removal services in Saratoga and the greater San Jose CA area. We perform services such as the removal of California rats in the attic, raccoon trapping, bat and bird control, snake removal, and more. We do not remove bugs - we are not a Saratoga exterminator company, or a standard Saratoga pest control business. We specialize in the humane removal of wildlife species only. We consider ourselves the best Saratoga animal trapping company in the south bay area. Call us any time, 24/7, to schedule a same-day or next day appointment.

What Is The Best Bait To Trap A Roof Rat?
Roof Rats are smart and brilliant animals and you must apply wisdom for you to lure them to your trap. You may end up wasting your entire time without success if you fail to use right kind of bait for your California rat trapping. So, what is the best bait to trap a California rat? If this is still your question, you are not to bother as this article is made to provide you information on that. There are many materials and food sources which you can use to bait your trap for easy catching of California rat. You will learn about them through this article.

Make Use of Walnut Or Sunflower Seeds
Indeed, California rats are known to crave for sunflower seeds and walnut. For that reason, they can be easily attracted to trap baited with sunflower seeds or walnut. In fact these baits can attract more and more California rats in the area where you set your Saratoga CA wildlife control trap. That is why you need multiple catching traps when you want to make use of walnut or sunflower as bait. It will not be long before you will catch a California rat in your trap using the abovementioned baiting method in a cunning manner.

Bait Your Trap with Peanut Butter for Easy Catch
It is interesting for you to know that peanut butter will work well as your bait when you want to catch California rat in trap. You have to spray some of the peanut butter on the trap pan and make some of the peanuts to stick on top of the trap. That will made California rats from every corner of the trap to rush them to enjoy the butter and peanut shell.

Use Orange to Bait Your Indoor Roof Rat Trap
Roof Rat trapped in your house will be in need of moisture and water. For that reason, orange will work well for your trap bait when you want to catch such California rat. The strong aroma associated with the orange will attract California rat in your house into the trap.

Make Use of Fruits, Nuts and Any Other Seeds
Roof Rats so much love fruits, seeds and different kinds of nuts. For that reason, you can use what they like most to lure them into your Saratoga wildlife removal trap. The bait you use in your trap will be as effective as your trap as the trap will not be able to attract California rat without bait in it. So, go for fruits, seeds and nuts as your baiting elements and you will have California rat struggle to get into your trap.

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