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Santa Clara Wildlife Control

We provide professional wildlife removal services in Santa Clara and the greater San Jose CA area. We perform services such as the removal of squirrels in the attic, nuisance wild animal trapping, bat and bird control, snake removal, and more. We do not remove bugs - we are not a Santa Clara exterminator company, or a standard Santa Clara pest control business. We specialize in the humane removal of wildlife species only. We consider ourselves the best Santa Clara animal trapping company in the south bay area. Call us any time, 24/7, to schedule a same-day or next day appointment.

Where should I relocate a trapped nuisance wild animal?
Have you ever found nuisance wild animals in the attic or garden? If yes then you will surely look for solution to eliminate them. In most cases, you find some people will want to kill them to do away with them for good. However, this is not the right way of going about it. You need to know that keeping California nuisance wild animals in your Santa Clara home is dangerous: • Known to cause rabies • Cause havoc on land • Not legally accepted to be domestic animals However, you should not worry since you now have the chance of getting quality results and it all starts from following the right methods, which give you quality results. You can rely on professionals or you can handle the process easily and obtain good results.

Release it to the wild
The best way of going about it is by releasing the Santa Clara animals into the wild. This is their natural habitat but many have lost the way home. Some are in search for water and they find themselves in homestead. If you are in such a situation, you find it easier to trap them and take them back to the forest. Take it far so that it cannot find its way back Raccoons are very tricky animals. If they have stayed in your compound for several days and you take them back to the wild, they shall find their way easily. This is the reason why it is highly advisable for one to take them very far from the house so that they cannot recall the way. This shall keep them off your property.

Contact the authorities
The other way of getting rid of the nuisance wild animals involves contacting the authorities. Once you do this, you shall not worry since they have the correct trapping and handling measures, which enable you to obtain quality results. Connect with them, and you shall have the issue sorted completely.

Rely on professional rehabilitators
When it comes to matters of trapping the California nuisance wild animals, it is very hard and dangerous. Some of the nuisance wild animals may attack you and this can lead to injury and spread of rabies. You have the chance of relying on professional handlers who have license to capture and trap nuisance wild animals. Relying on their services is the best way of going about it, since it gives you quality results each time you have an issue with the nuisance wild animals. It also prevents spread of rabies, or destruction of property.

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