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Palo Alto Wildlife Control

We provide professional wildlife removal services in Palo Alto and the greater San Jose CA area. We perform services such as the removal of squirrels in the attic, raccoon trapping, bat and bird control, snake removal, and more. We do not remove bugs - we are not a Palo Alto exterminator company, or a standard Palo Alto pest control business. We specialize in the humane removal of wildlife species only. We consider ourselves the best Palo Alto animal trapping company in the south bay area. Call us any time, 24/7, to schedule a same-day or next day appointment.

I stumbled upon your site when trying to distinguish what type of animal was leaving behind evidence on my patio at night and I noticed that you promote trap and release of animals. That is something I'm a big fan of. However I was very disturbed when I saw sections on your site explaining how to KILL Palo Alto California wildlife removal animals. That to me is just awful. You should never encourage or describe a way for someone to kill an animal in such detail. Like putting a fox in a cage and using car exhaust to kill it!!?? What the hell? That is horrible! If you are for humane relocation of Palo Alto CA wildlife control animals then why would you ever advocate for people to do such cruel acts to animals? I was so disgusted by the way you describe ways to kill animals. Now I will have nightmares thinking about how many animals have suffered such inhumane deaths thanks to these terrible ideas! You should really consider taking those ideas off your site. It's truly offensive and disturbing.

My response: Web stats show that MANY people search google for "how to kill" animals. My goal is to get the top web ranking, and then promote live trapping and relocation, or prevention. However, if you just preach to someone who wants to kill an animal, then they will just leave the website and look for other information. I don't remember ever advocating car exhaust, are you sure you read that on my site? I've had a helper write some of the content on a few of the lesser used pages, but always to steer away from killing animals.

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