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Mountain View Wildlife Control

We provide professional wildlife removal services in Mountain View and the greater San Jose CA area. We perform services such as the removal of squirrels in the attic, raccoon trapping, bat and bird control, snake removal, and more. We do not remove bugs - we are not a Mountain View exterminator company, or a standard Mountain View pest control business. We specialize in the humane removal of wildlife species only. We consider ourselves the best Mountain View animal trapping company in the south bay area. Call us any time, 24/7, to schedule a same-day or next day appointment.

California Big Brown Bat Hibernating activities
Although the big brown bats are mammals, but they still hibernate during the winter Mountain View California wildlife removal season. Their hibernation locations are obviously different from the ones where they reside in summers. Basically the winter roosting or hibernation locations of these bats are mostly underground like caves, mines and underground areas where there are less fluctuations in temperature. When the weather changes, these bats then wake up and come out in search of water and for the purpose of breeding.

Life cycle of big brown bats
The mating time of the big brown bats starts from November and goes through March. During this time, whenever the weather gets favorable, they come out for mating. After the breeding season is over, the females who have conceived get separated into colonies also called as the maternity colonies. The gestation period lass till June and usually only one young one is given birth each Mountain View CA wildlife control year. The specie of big brown bat has also got a sub specie or also called a variety. This sub specie is scattered all over the eastern half of Unites States.

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